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Hey there! It’s Maggie ‍♀️ – Diving Deep into Glassblowing’s Magic!

Discovering the Secrets of Glass Types: 2023 Edition

Essentials for Every Glass Artist: The Basics!

Glassblowing and lampworking are the crown jewels of glass craftsmanship! Picture this: majestic sculptures, vibrant vessels, and delicate beads – all made with unmatched precision. But guess what? The magic starts with the right type of glass!

Two Main Characters in Our Glass Story:

1) Borosilicate Glass: The Hard Act to Follow!

Imagine a glass that’s resistant to drastic temperature shifts and doesn’t easily corrode. Borosilicate glass, also lovingly known as “hard” glass, fits that description. Used in labs, bakeware, and by lampworkers for eclectic art pieces, this glass has a high melting point but is absolutely delightful to work with!

2) Soda-lime Glass: The Soft Side of Glass Art!

On the other hand, we have our beloved soda-lime glass. Making up 90% of all glass production, this “soft” glass is perfect for those torch-wielding lampworkers! Plus, it’s re-meltable, making it a go-to choice for countless glass creations.

Now, let’s dive into some Special Varieties that artists like us adore:

1) Clear & Colored Glass

Both borosilicate and soda-lime glasses come in these versions. Want a clean, minimal look? Go clear! Feeling colorful? Dive into a world where different compounds bring a spectrum of shades to life.

2) Dichroic Glass: The Chameleon!

This glass changes colors like a mood ring! Dating back to the 4th century, today’s dichroic glass has a modern twist, made by layering metals in a super sci-fi electron beam process!

3) Frit: The Glass Confetti

Frit is like the sprinkle on your ice cream. Essentially, it’s colored glass all ground up. Add it to hot glass and voilà! You’ve got spectacular designs and patterns.

Mastering the Art: A Video Tutorial!

Confused about when to use borosilicate and when to lean towards soft glass? Don’t sweat it! There’s an awesome video tutorial that takes you step by step. From candy canes made of borosilicate to sweets shaped with soft glass, you’ll be crafting in no time!

Important Glass Details – At a Glance!

Type of Glass Characteristics Common Uses
Borosilicate (Hard Glass) High melting point, resistant to temperature changes, doesn’t corrode easily. Labs, bakeware, art pieces.
Soda-lime (Soft Glass) Re-meltable, stable, workable. Lampworking, various art pieces.
Clear & Colored Glass Simple composition for clear glass, various compounds for colored glass. Scientific glassware, artistic pieces.
Dichroic Glass Changes colors based on lighting. Jewelry, beads, vessels.
Frit Ground up colorful glass. Beads, jewelry elements.

Top Glass Varieties for Glassblowing & Lampwork!

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