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Top YouTube Channels for Glass & Lampwork Lovers – 2023 Edition

Craving for some sizzling glassblowing and lampworking action? The digital world, especially YouTube, is buzzing with artists flaunting their skills and doling out some awesome tips for free. From legendary museums to budding artisans, here’s my curated list of channels you’d absolutely adore!

Channel Name Quick Description
The Fusing Shop Run by the talented Sim, this channel combines an array of tutorials, demos, and more straight from his shop in New Jersey!
Callahan’s Firehouse Glass Studio Quick, fun peeks into their processes! Perfect if you want a bite-sized glass blowing experience.
Lampwork Glass Beads by Lepoppet Anna Maria Schoenenberger lights up the channel with her incredible bead creations and insightful commentary. A treat for beginners!
Exa Lectric A blend of fashion and lampworking. Discover bead-making techniques in a whole new style.
EM Glassery A fresh face on YouTube! Elizabeth Mobley showcases her stunning glassworking projects and more.
Matt Jasa Join the artistic journey with Matt as he dives deep into glassworking techniques and experiments.
Stained Glass and Beads With over 20 years of expertise, Sandy K. Johnson guides us through the world of stained glass and lampworking.
Corning Museum of Glass 100,000+ subscribers can’t be wrong! Get your fix of history, demos, and glass artistry all in one place.
Grant Garmezy A master of sculpture, Grant showcases his unique approach to glassblowing with mesmerizing themes and techniques.
Thames Glass A decade on YouTube and still going strong! Thames Glass shares their unique style and project insights.
Terrapin Glassblowing Studio Themed demos, fun projects, and a burst of colors – that’s what Terrapin offers!
Campfire Glassblowing Expect a mix of entertainment and education as you delve into various glassblowing techniques.

Top Glassblowing Channels on YouTube

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