How to push a card through glass

Pushing a card through glass is a unique form of glass art that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This technique involves pushing a card or other thin material through a piece of glass to create a unique and intricate design. It is a relatively simple technique that can be used to create beautiful and unique pieces of artwork. In this guide, we will discuss the basics of pushing a card through glass and provide some tips on how to get the best results.

Materials Needed

Before attempting to push a card through glass, you will need to gather the necessary materials. You will need a piece of glass, a card of your choice, a glass cutter and gloves for safety. Depending on the type of glass you have, you may also need a hammer and chisel or another tool for creating a hole in the glass.


1. Begin by selecting the piece of glass you would like to use for your project. Make sure the glass is smooth and free from cracks or chips.

2. Put on your gloves to protect your hands from any potential glass shards.

3. Using the glass cutter, carefully score a line on the glass. Make sure the line is straight and even.

4. Place the card onto the glass, lining up the edge with the scored line.

5. Using the hammer and chisel, carefully tap along the scored line to create a hole in the glass. Make sure the hole is large enough for the card to fit through.

6. Once the hole is created, carefully push the card through the hole. Make sure the card is pushed through evenly, so that the edges of the card are not torn or damaged.

7. Once the card is pushed through the glass, take a look at your design. You may need to adjust the card slightly to create the desired effect.


● Use a thicker card for pushing through glass, as this will make it easier to push through the glass and create a more intricate design.

● Take your time when pushing the card through the glass. If you rush, you may end up with a design that is not even or that has jagged edges.

● If you are having trouble pushing the card through the glass, try using a pair of pliers or tweezers to help push it through.


Pushing a card through glass is a simple yet effective technique for creating beautiful and unique glass art. With practice and patience, you can create intricate designs that will be sure to impress. Make sure to use the proper materials and safety equipment and take your time when pushing the card through the glass to ensure the best results.
1. Start by positioning the card on one side of the glass.
2. Gently press the card against the glass, creating a thin seal.
3. With your other hand, apply pressure to the card, pushing it through the glass.
4. Move the card slowly and steadily until it is completely through the glass.
5. Carefully remove the card from the other side of the glass.
6. Clean up any debris or shards of glass that may have been created during the process.

Unbelievable Trick Revealed: How Magicians Pass Cards Through Glass

This trick is often referred to as the ‘card through glass’ trick. It is one of the oldest and most impressive tricks in the magician’s repertoire. The magician places a card on the table, and then places a sheet of glass over it. He then passes the card through the glass seemingly without any effort or sleight of hand.

The secret of the trick is to use a thin sheet of plastic or metal that is slightly larger than the card. The magician holds the sheet at an angle, beneath the table and passes the card through it. The sheet is then pulled away, leaving the card behind and seemingly having passed through the glass.

The trick is also made more impressive by using a glass that is curved or has a pattern on it, making it more difficult to pass the card through.

This trick can be used to amaze and astound audiences, and is a great way to show off the skill and expertise of the performer.

Unravelling the Mystery of the 13 Card Trick: How Does It Work?

The 13 card trick is an old parlor trick where a dealer is able to guess which card a participant has chosen from a deck of 13 cards. The trick involves the dealer dealing out all 13 cards into four piles, asking the participant to pick a card, and then using a series of calculations and guesses to identify the card the participant has chosen.

The secret to the trick lies in the way the cards are dealt. The dealer deals out the cards into four piles, and the card chosen by the participant is always in the fourth pile. This is because the dealer is able to identify the card chosen by the participant by looking at the other three piles and calculating the average value of the cards in each pile. The card chosen by the participant is always the one with the highest average value.

Once the dealer has identified the card chosen by the participant, they can then use a few simple calculations to guess which of the remaining 12 cards is the one they have chosen. This is done by subtracting the average value of the first three piles from the average value of the fourth pile, and then adding the difference to the value of the lowest card in the fourth pile. This gives the dealer the value of the card chosen by the participant.

The 13 card trick is a great way to impress your friends or family with a classic parlor trick. Just remember to keep the secret to yourself!

Overall, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to push a card through glass. With its step-by-step instructions, it provides a great starting point for anyone looking to learn this skill. It’s important to remember to take safety precautions when attempting this activity, such as wearing protective gloves and eyewear. Additionally, it’s best to practice on a piece of glass that is not in use or a piece of paper first before attempting it on a window or other glass surface. With patience and practice, anyone can learn this valuable skill.

1. Choose a card that is thin enough to fit through the glass.
2. Place the card against the surface of the glass at a slight angle.
3. Push the card slowly and steadily against the glass.
4. Increase the pressure gradually and slowly until the card begins to penetrate the glass.
5. Continue pushing until the card is completely through the glass.