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Dive Into the Vibrant World of Stained Glass in Hawaii!

Hawaii isn’t just about beaches and luaus, my lovely readers! The dazzling sunlight and those breathtaking landscapes have made Hawaii a hotspot for glass art. Picture this – the sun gleaming through a beautifully crafted stained glass. Doesn’t that just scream Hawaii?

If you’ve got an itch for art or just looking to pick up a new hobby while vacationing, the islands are buzzing with talented artists who’re eager to teach. Here’s my handpicked list of some fantastic studios where you can learn and embrace the magic of stained glass.

1. Aloha Glass Creations

The brainchild of the super-talented Jennifer Welch, Aloha Glass Creations offers a comprehensive stained glass course spread across three sessions. Dive deep into the history and master the techniques like cutting and soldering. And hey, everything you need is provided right there!

2. Volcano Art Center

With the works of around 300 local artists, this center is all about nurturing creativity. Their class schedules keep changing, so be sure to keep an eye out for their stained glass sessions, and get ready to immerse in Hawaii’s rich culture.

3. Calley O’Neill Studio

Calley O’Neill, known for her spectacular cultural murals, offers a Tiffany-style stained glass class at her studio. What’s unique? Well, the class includes homemade cake and tea! And if you’re looking for a more personalized touch, she’s got private classes too.

4. Hokulani Glass Studio ️

Ever fancied learning art at Tom Selleck’s former vacation home? Hokulani Glass Studio gives you that very chance! Learn from the best, Leilani Pacheco-Datta, who’s all about the latest in stained glass art.

Key Details At a Glance

Studio Name Type Classes Price Range Website
Aloha Glass Creations Stained Glass All Levels (Ages 12+) $60 – $90
Volcano Art Center Stained Glass All levels Contact for pricing
Calley O’Neill Studio Stained Glass All Levels (Ages 10+) $150.00
Hokulani Glass Studio Stained Glass Various Levels Contact for pricing

Best Stained Glass Classes in Hawaii

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