Top 10 Books Reviewed for Beginners & Pros

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best glassblowing books

Uncover the Art of Glassblowing: Books to Ignite Your Passion!

Hey there, I’m Maggie! Glassblowing is not just about molten glass and fiery furnaces; it’s an art form that’s been mesmerizing people for centuries. Whether you’re a curious newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn and explore. So let’s dive into my top book picks to fuel your glassblowing journey!

1. “Beginning Glassblowing” by Edward T. Schmid

Perfect for budding artists and experts alike! Edward’s hand-illustrated masterpiece guides you through the captivating world of furnace-based glassblowing.

Pros Cons
Spot-on for all skill levels and an awesome reference Some hand-drawn text might be a tad tricky for some to decipher

2. “The Art of Fire: Beginning Glassblowing” by James Mckelvey

A gem for beginners! James packs this with vivid illustrations and in-depth beginner insights. It’s like a textbook for your first glass studio class!

Pros Cons
A boon for newbies with clear, concise content For the pros, might feel a bit basic

3. “Scientific Glassblowing” by E.L. Wheeler

Dive into the depths of classic glassworking with Wheeler’s step-by-step guide! A top pick for both artists and chemistry departments.

Pros Cons
In-depth guide with fantastic illustrations May feel a bit too technical for some

4. “Glassblowing: A Search for Form” by Harvey K. Littleton

An artsy delve into glassworking’s rich history. Harvey, a genius, introduces a revolutionary method of glassworking at comfy temperatures.

Pros Cons
Deep dive into history and low-temp glassworking Some tech-talk might feel old school

5. “Backyard Glassblowing: Making It Work” by Lauren Wingert

Lauren spills the beans on setting up your very own glassblowing studio, right in your backyard! From equipment to business nitty-gritties, she’s got you covered!

Pros Cons
A deep dive into starting a glassblowing business Focused more on business, less on techniques

Top 10 Books Reviewed for Beginners & Pros

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