Best Stained Glass Classes in Massachusetts

Maggie’s Guide to Stained Glass Classes in Massachusetts

stained glass classes massachusetts

Discover the World of Stained Glass in Massachusetts!

Hey there, artsy souls! Ever been intrigued by the mesmerizing world of stained glass? I’ve delved deep into Massachusetts to bring you the best studios where you can unleash your inner artist!

Before we jump into the list, did you know that stained glass isn’t a new kid on the art block? Its roots trace back to the Ancient Roman Empire! By the 7th century, our creative ancestors were transforming decorative wares into stunning windows, like the ones in St. Paul’s Monastery, Jarrow, England. Fun Fact: The color spectrum you see in stained glass? It’s all thanks to metallic oxides! For instance, throw some copper oxides into the mix, and voilà, you get those dreamy blue and green shades.

Creating these artworks might seem intimidating, but trust me, even rookies can craft a beautiful stained glass panel. Ready to dive in? Check out these fabulous studios in Massachusetts that can kickstart your stained glass journey!

Top Stained Glass Studios in Massachusetts 2023

1. The Glass Bar

Run by the ever-curious Tracey Adams, The Glass Bar offers a range of classes for beginners. Don’t forget to carry some tools and materials when you go!

2. Dragonfly Stained Glass Studio

From suncatchers to spinners, Dragonfly welcomes everyone! With their all-inclusive classes and the added benefit of studio memberships, you’re in for an artistic treat!

3. Diablo Glass School

Feel at home in this public access studio! Whether you have a design in mind or seek inspiration, they’ve got you covered!

4. Shards Studio

A veteran in the game since 1985, Shards Studio blends traditional and contemporary techniques. Whether you’re looking for group sessions or private seminars, they have it all!

5. Toy Town Stained Glass

Perfect for those who want a taste of stained glass art. Dive in for a 2.5-hour session and come out with a masterpiece!

6. Neil Orange Peel Stained Glass

Learn from Neil, a seasoned artist with 25 years under his belt. From choosing designs to the final framing, you’re in safe hands!

7. Glass Visions Stained Glass

With flexibility in schedules and a range of courses, Glass Visions ensures personalized attention for every student. Pro-tip: Continuing students get discounts!

Quick Deets Table:

Studio Type Classes Price Website Phone Location
The Glass Bar Stained Glass Beginner, Introductory $95 – $225 (781) 444-2909 60 Dedham Ave Ste 102, Needham, MA 02492
Dragonfly Stained Glass Studio Stained Glass All Levels $125 (413) 559-1010 116 Pleasant St Ste 032, Easthampton, MA 01027

Best Stained Glass Classes in Massachusetts

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