How to make faux stained glass with wax paper

Faux stained glass is a great way to add a decorative touch to your home. Whether it’s for a window, a suncatcher, or a wall hanging, you can create beautiful stained glass art using wax paper, tissue paper, and acrylic paint. This guide will show you how to make your own faux stained glass with wax paper and provide tips on how to make it look as professional as possible.


To make your faux stained glass, you will need the following materials:

– Wax paper
– Tissue paper in various colors
– Acrylic paint
– Scissors
– Glue
– Pencil and paper

Step 1: Choose Your Design

The first step in creating faux stained glass is to decide on a design. You can draw your own design, find a template online, or use a pre-made stencil. If you are creating a window or wall hanging, you may want to use a more intricate design. For a suncatcher, a simpler design may be better. Once you have chosen your design, you can use a pencil to trace it onto a piece of paper.

Step 2: Cut the Wax Paper

Using your traced design as a guide, cut the wax paper into the shape of your design. You may want to use a ruler to make sure the edges are straight and even. It is important to make sure that no pieces of the wax paper overlap.

Step 3: Cut the Tissue Paper

Once the wax paper is cut, you can begin cutting the tissue paper. It’s best to use a variety of colors and patterns to create an interesting look. You can also use small pieces of tissue paper to add details to the design. Again, make sure that none of the pieces overlap.

Step 4: Glue the Pieces Together

Now that you have all of your pieces cut, you can begin gluing them together. Start by gluing the wax paper to a piece of cardboard or foam board. Once the wax paper is secure, you can glue the tissue paper pieces to the wax paper. Make sure that each piece is firmly in place.

Step 5: Paint

When all of the pieces are glued down, you can start painting. Use a small brush and acrylic paint to add detail and texture to your design. You can also use paint to outline the edges of the design. Be sure to let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 6: Hang or Display

Once the paint is dry, you can hang your faux stained glass. If you are making a window, you may want to use a window frame to hang the glass. For a wall hanging, you can attach a wire or ribbon to the back. For a suncatcher, you can use a suction cup to hang the glass.


Creating faux stained glass with wax paper is a great way to add a decorative touch to any room. With the right materials and a bit of patience, you can create a beautiful piece of art that is sure to impress. Plus, it’s a great way to get creative and have fun!

1. Gather all the necessary supplies including wax paper, tissue paper in the desired colors, an iron, and a few pieces of newspaper.

2. Cut the wax paper into the desired shapes and sizes.

3. Place the wax paper on top of a piece of newspaper.

4. Cut the tissue paper into small strips and place them on top of the wax paper.

5. Place another piece of newspaper on top of the tissue paper and wax paper.

6. Place the iron on top of the newspaper and press down firmly.

7. Move the iron around the wax paper and tissue paper to ensure it is heated evenly.

8. Remove the iron and allow the wax paper and tissue paper to cool.

9. Peel the wax paper away from the tissue paper to reveal the faux stained glass.

How to Make Faux Stained Glass with Crayons and Wax Paper Easily

Making faux stained glass with crayons and wax paper is a fun and easy project for both adults and kids alike. Here are the steps you need to take to make your own faux stained glass art:

1. Gather your materials: crayons, wax paper, scissors, and an iron.

2. Cut the wax paper into any shape you want.

3. Place the wax paper on top of a piece of newspaper and arrange the crayons on top of the wax paper in any pattern or design you like.

4. Place another piece of newspaper on top of the wax paper and crayons.

5. Set your iron to the lowest setting and carefully press the wax paper and crayons together. Make sure that you are careful not to move the crayons around too much or you will mess up your design.

6. Let the wax paper cool off before carefully peeling it away from the newspaper.

7. Hang up your faux stained glass art in a sunny window to enjoy!

DIY Fake Stained Glass: How to Make It at Home

DIY fake stained glass is a great way to add a unique touch to your home décor without the high cost of professional stained glass. It’s easy to make with a few simple supplies and can be used for a variety of purposes, from window decorations to wall art.

– Clear plastic sheet
– Acrylic paint
– Paintbrushes
– Masking tape
– Sharp scissors

Step 1: Begin by cutting the plastic sheet into the desired shape for your fake stained glass.

Step 2: Attach the plastic shape to a flat surface using masking tape.

Step 3: Using acrylic paint, begin to fill in the sections of the shape with color. To create a stained glass look, use several different colors and blend them together.

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, carefully remove the plastic shape from the surface and peel off the masking tape.

Step 5: Hang the fake stained glass in a window or other area to enjoy the unique look it creates.

Make a Suncatcher with Wax Paper – A Step-by-Step Guide


– Wax paper

– Scissors
– Markers or colored pencils
– Hole punch
– Ribbon or string

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Cut a piece of wax paper into a square or rectangle.

2. Draw a design or pattern on the wax paper with markers or colored pencils.

3. Use a hole punch to punch holes around the edges of the wax paper.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon or string and tie it through the holes.

5. Hang your suncatcher in a sunny window and enjoy!

Learn How to Make Stained Glass Crafts as an Adult

Stained glass crafts are a beautiful and creative craft that can be done by both adults and children. The process involves cutting colored glass into various shapes and then joining them together with a lead or copper foil to create a unique piece of art.

To learn how to make stained glass crafts as an adult, here are some helpful tips and resources:

1. Take a stained glass class – Many art centers, community colleges, and craft stores offer classes in stained glass. Taking a class is a great way to learn the basics of the craft, such as cutting glass, foiling, and soldering.

2. Watch a tutorial video – With the advent of the internet, there are now plenty of instructional videos available online to help teach the basics of stained glass.

3. Read a book on the subject – There are several books available on the subject of stained glass that provide helpful advice on the craft.

4. Install your own stained glass panel – One of the best ways to learn the craft is to actually get your hands dirty and try it out. Installing a stained glass panel of your own can give you the opportunity to practice and perfect your technique.

5. Join a stained glass community – There are many online forums and communities devoted to stained glass crafts. Here, you can get advice and find inspiration for your projects.

Fun Stained Glass Craft Projects for Kids to Try at Home

1. Rainbow Suncatchers: Create colorful, light-catching decorations with pre-cut pieces of colored tissue paper. Kids can use a glue stick to stick the paper to a clear plastic sheet, then cut out the shapes they want with scissors.

2. Faux Stained Glass: Kids can make faux stained glass windows or wall hangings with tissue paper, wax paper, and a few other materials. Cut out the desired shapes from wax paper, and then layer the wax paper on top of tissue paper. Secure the two layers together with transparent tape, then hang the window in a sunny spot.

3. Mosaic Crafts: Cut out small shapes from tissue paper (or other materials like felt, foam, or even fabric) and arrange them in a pattern on a sturdy piece of cardboard or foam board. Use a hot glue gun to secure the pieces in place, then hang the finished project up in a sunny spot.

4. Framed Stained Glass Art: Trace and cut out a desired shape from wax paper. Then, layer the wax paper on top of tissue paper and secure the two layers together with transparent tape. Place the paper into a picture frame, and hang the artwork in a sunny spot.

5. Tissue Paper Lanterns: Make a unique and colorful lantern out of a Mason jar, some tissue paper, and a few other simple materials. Cut out the shapes you want from tissue paper and secure them to the outside of the Mason jar. Place a small tea light or LED candle inside the jar to light up your lantern.

This guide on how to make faux stained glass with wax paper is a great way to create a beautiful craft without the need for expensive supplies or tools. It is easy to follow and produces impressive results. We recommend this guide for those who want to try their hand at creating a unique and eye-catching piece of art.

1. Begin by cutting wax paper into the desired shape for your faux stained glass artwork.

2. Place the wax paper onto a cookie sheet or baking tray.

3. Mix together your choice of colored paint with water in a shallow bowl.

4. Dip a small brush into the paint mixture and paint your wax paper in whatever pattern you desire.

5. Allow the painted wax paper to dry completely.

6. Place another sheet of wax paper on top of the painted paper and press lightly to seal the paint between the two layers.

7. Place the wax paper in a warm oven and heat until the wax paper melts and fuses together.

8. Remove the wax paper from the oven and let cool completely.

9. Hang your faux stained glass artwork in a window or somewhere in your home where the sunlight will shine through and show off the beautiful colors.