Best Stained Glass Classes in Alaska

Dive into the Colorful World of Stained Glass in Alaska!

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Discover the Magic: Stained Glass Classes in Alaska!

Hey there, it’s Maggie! Ever thought of diving into the vibrant world of stained glass art? If Alaska’s stunning landscapes have left you inspired, why not capture its beauty in glass? While many associate stained glass with sacred spaces, in Alaska, you’ll find these artsy pieces jazzing up eateries, health centers, and even libraries! There might be limited places to master this art in the state, but trust me, the ones we have are totally worth every penny and mile!

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned artist, the studios I’m about to list have got ya covered! Ready to let your creativity shine? Let’s dive right in!

1. Paul’s Stained Glass Studio

  • Type: Stained Glass
  • Classes: Small groups, 1-on-1, spans multiple weeks, 2-hour sessions
  • Price: Get in touch for the deets!
  • Contact: (907) 513-8042
  • Location: 53030 Borgen ave, Kenai, AK 99611

Starting with safety (always first!) and diving into the tools of the trade, this 4-week course is your ticket to stained glass magic. From design insights to mastering techniques like copper foiling and soldering, Paul’s Studio is your gateway to this art form. Want pricing? Give them a ring!

2. Alaska Art Glass Supply

  • Type: Stained Glass
  • Classes: Small groups, half-day sessions
  • Price: $140-$150 (Get a cool $10 off with a group of 3 or 4)
  • Contact: (907) 746-5015
  • Location: 1520 North Double B St., Palmer, AK 99645

Formerly known as Alaska Spirit Crafts, this place not only offers fab classes but has a supply store too! Their beginner classes will leave you confident to craft your own suncatchers at home. Plus, they’re snack-friendly—win-win! The pricing includes all you need for a 5-hour journey into glass art.

3. Alaska Custom Stained Glass

  • Type: Stained Glass
  • Classes: Small groups, weekend afternoons
  • Price: $60-$125
  • Contact: (907) 262-4527
  • Location: 35260 Betty Lou Dr., Sterling, AK 99672

Run by the super talented Sandy Stevens, this studio is a treasure trove for all stained glass enthusiasts. With 37+ years of experience, Sandy offers something for everyone, from suncatchers to garden gnomes. Reach out to her for the latest class schedule.

4. The Stained Glass Window Retreat

  • Type: Stained Glass
  • Classes: Small groups, sessions varying in length
  • Price: $125-$300
  • Contact: (907) 260-4746
  • Location: 36352 Ansel Street N, Soldotna, AK 99669

Linda Vizenor’s studio is a treat for both locals and tourists. Here, you don’t just learn—you experience! Offering both classes and serene cabin stays, you get to create, relax, and be inspired by the surroundings. Whether it’s a 6-week commitment or a one-day workshop, Linda’s got you covered!

Quick Glance:

Studio Name Type Classes Price Range Contact
Paul’s Stained Glass Studio Stained Glass Multiple Weeks, 2-hour sessions Contact for Details (907) 513-8042
Alaska Art Glass Supply Stained Glass Half-day sessions $140-$150 (907) 746-5015
Alaska Custom Stained Glass Stained Glass Weekend afternoons $60-$125 (907) 262-4527
The Stained Glass Window Retreat Stained Glass Varying sessions $125-$300 (907) 260-4746

Best Stained Glass Classes in Alaska

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